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      • 편집-분열에 대한 정신분석학적 고찰

        서선영 호서대학교 연합신학전문대학원 2015 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        ABSTRACT Psychoanalytic Study of Paranoid-Schizoid Disorder Sun-young Seo Department of Theology, The Graduate School Hoseo University Cheonan, Korea (Supervised by professor Byoung-Hoon Kim, Ph.D.) As a study on paranoid-schizoid symptoms, this paper focused on understanding a pathological viewpoint for paranoid-schizophrenia and Lacan's new interpretation which is compared to the former. In order to deal with causes which result in pathological symptoms, the paper looks into Freud, Melanie Klein, and Heinz Kohut's development process from an initial object to a selfobject, and a new interpretation of generalized paranoid-schizophrenia with an emphasis on the thesis of Lacan. As a data research for paranoics, some of records is used as the clinical materials with the consent of clients. The 1st chapter outlines the constituents, significance, method, and direction of this thesis on the basis of the research materials. The 2nd chapter looks into the diagnosis of DSM-IV. As for paranoia, the study suggests detailed cases with Paranoid-Schizoid Position of Melanie Klein and Freud's theory of paranoid delusion and the Schreber case. The 3rd chapter begins with an ability of object relation with a primary maternal object regarding the cause of paranoia. This chapter addresses the process of internal projection results from the relationship with either a mother without maternal attributes or a father with a rigid ego. Dynamics of continuously moving internal projectiles would produce something, so they exist. In the 4th chapter, the study on pathological symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia is conducted. The paranoid schizoid one is a subject recognized as part object. That lacks both holistic thought and consistency. Being in a limited part likely turns into a paranoia, a mental disorder. One of the most important traits of paranoics is the projection. Because of the projection, he suffers from the persecutary anxiety and ruinous violence. It indicates that he is unable to project a good object onto his inner world because of the paranoid schizophrenia. Subsequently, it looks into the symptoms caused by the illusion of paranoid-schizoid position that is covering reality. Overall, this is a study on an emotional protective system of paranoics. The 5th chapter discusses Lacan's new viewpoint on schizophrenia. Lacan gives an original explanation on how an isolated subject has split, how he is structured in terms of language once he notices the change, and how the emotional deficiency generates a productive desire. According to Lacan, the subject is an existing one, having been shattered and split. It means that he isn't uptorn and he goes on with his strong vitality. Thus, Lacan suggests a new way to see the paranoid schizophrenia which merely has been treated pathologically. The 6th chapter is a study on therapeutic approach. It focuses on the importance of a tolerant maternal object in Melanie Klein's and an opportunity to be cured by the object in life is conducted. The selfobject in Kohut's paper stands for a process of building a structure beyond a biological object. So, these are examined by analyzing the function of structured language Lacan has argued. Patients are able to erect an organized life when they structuralize their inner world with a creative and therapeutic language. Most of symptoms occur in structures of a language from Lacan's view. This section deals with the advantages of Lacan's symbolization that structuralize the subject. The last part contains a conclusion; in addition to the reflection that this study should have dealt with more detailed matters, it suggests that more extensive study for the maternal object's role and definite classification for the range of selfobject in Heinz Kohut's and materials to support Lacan's should be conducted.

      • 지역 간 경기 공행성에 관한 연구

        서선영 부경대학교 2017 국내박사

        RANK : 248639

        Business cycle comovement refers to the common and simultaneous movement of major macroeconomic indicators shown in the economic fluctuation. Overall fluctuation of economic activities of the national economy have major influences over the government and corporations as well as daily lives of general people. Business cycle comovement at both national and regional levels are critical study subjects, but most of the previous studies on business cycle comovement were made at the national level. Studies on business cycle comovement in between nations were generally made in the areas of trade, finance and industry, and there are almost no studies on business cycle comovement at the regional level. However, in consideration of the current global trend where glocalization has been strengthened, it would worth to take a look at business cycle comovement at the regional level. Due to the global trend of glocalization, the specialization and localization of a region have become critical in terms of economic environment and the interchange between regions have become more active. Since an economic shock arisen at one specific region and/or one specific industrial production could have a major influence on the economic fluctuation of other regions that are correlated with the corresponding region and/or industrial production, it is critical to have a study on the analysis of business cycle comovement at the regional region. This study aims to analyze the interregional business cycle comovement at the regional level, which is a sub-unit of a nation. For the study, official regional GDPs, released by the National Statistical Office, were used to calculate the mobile correlation coefficient in order to observe whether economies of neighboring regions move together. As for the spatial domain, three economy regions were set; great-sphere economy, metropolitan economy, and economy of other provinces. For the great-sphere economy, it was divided into 5 areas; capital area, Chungcheong area, Honam area, Daekyung area and Southeast area. The results of the analysis are as follows. Based on the regional GDP, it was shown that the interregional business cycle comovement is present in the capital area. In terms of industrial sectors, the interregional business cycle comovement was shown to present in manufacturing and service industries. On the other hand, it is difficult to say that the interregional business cycle comovement is present in Chungcheong area. In terms of industrial sectors, the interregional business cycle comovement was observed in the manufacturing industry, but it was weakened in the service industry. As for Honam area, it was shown that the interregional business cycle comovement is present. In terms of industrial sectors, interregional business cycle comovement has been strengthened since 2010, and interregional business cycle of high degree was shown in the service industry. In Daekyung area, it was shown that the interregional business cycle comovement is present, but it has been somewhat degraded since 2007. In terms of industrial sectors, the interregional business cycle comovement in both manufacturing and service industries have been strengthened. In Southeast area, it was revealed that the interregional business cycle comovement has become weakened. In terms of industrial sectors, there was almost no interregional business cycle comovement in manufacturing and service industries. In the metropolitan area, it was observed, based on the regional GDP, that there is a relatively high correlation throughout the period, and there is the interregional business cycle comovement. In terms of industrial sectors, the correlation coefficients of manufacturing and services industries were very similar to that of the national average, but it was difficult to say that the interregional business cycle comovement is present. As for the last, based on the regional GDPs, it was shown that the provincial regions move very similar to the national average level, but It has a lower correlation than the national average. Also, in terms of industrial sectors, both manufacturing and service industries have moved very similar to the national average, but it seems difficult to say that the business cycle comovement is present. Based on these findings, it is possible to see that there are differences in the business cycle comovement between spheres, and city sizes. Major assignment of the theory of economic fluctuation is to reveal a cause of economic fluctuation and seek appropriate macroeconomic policies in order to minimize any damage caused by the economic fluctuation. Also, another assignment is to observe differences in regional and demographic structure (labor) between regions, along with regional economic fluctuations. The fact that the economic situation differs by region suggests that regional economic fluctuation could also differ by region. The analysis of interregional business cycle comovement could provide information on the economic movements in the region and special features of economic fluctuation, led by a change in the industrial structure, that could not be obtained from the existing analysis of economic fluctuation and business cycle comovement, in turn assisting with the establishment of new countermeasures against the economic fluctuation. In addition, it could help find an alternative measure to minimize the asymmetric feature of the economic fluctuation. Therefore, it would be helpful for local governments to pursue regional economic policies that are devised in consideration of regional economic loss led by economic fluctuation. Moreover, there would be a growing number of regional economic policies in order to reduce volatibility in the economic cycle since it is possible to conduct economic policies accounting regional features due to the resurgence of local autonomy.

      • 해방촌의 지속가능한 물리적 요소에 관한 연구

        서선영 한양대학교 대학원 2009 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        This study was intended to seek the development measures, considering the development status of native residential district and problems with living environment in our urban area. The native residential district used to be unconditionally demolished for the purpose of standardized redevelopment. Though they are no longer considered the inferior town but have been developed to the part of urban dwelling area. But there still remain challenges to be resolved. With such background, this study was aimed at seeking the sustainable physical elements that could be incorporated into the residential environment refurbishment project at Haebangchon, which is considered the native residential district so as to identify the issues with regard to management of native residential district. Haebangchon was formed as the shantytown which the homeless people began building illegally after Korea's liberation from Japanese imperialism and have been developed to date with such historical background, and recently this area has become the hot issue on the back of US Army relocation and the government plan to build the public park at the site. Since the study was aimed to seek the sustainable physical elements the study designated Haebangchon as the subject for evaluation and the study was implemented focusing on potentiality of physical environment. Prior to proceeding the study, a preliminary evaluation of residential and physical environment was implemented in an attempt to present the theoretical base supporting the analysis and evaluation of physical environment. The physical environment at the residential district is to provide the basic frame, which shall be thoroughly controlled and constantly maintained for economic dynamics and structuring the community. Fundamentally, refurbishing the residential environment is to ultimately construct the residential area for better living with physical characteristics such as good environment for walking, a street space-centered living environment, a combination of diverse use and the formation of regional characteristic, which shall eventually satisfy the needs of the residents. In this study, the analysis of physical environment, coupled with the survey of residents' consciousness was carried out. The study included the analysis and evaluation of transition process of urban structure of the area and resident's consciousness on such environment. The historical transition process of Haebangchon was examined by reviewing the status before and after the town was formed and the development by public works. Such examination indicated that the urban structure has been naturally formed and developed through the local refurbishment and sustained to date. Such historical urban town was not simply a physical tracks but was formed reflecting residents' living culture, causing Haebangchon to have historical and locational implication in urban structure today. Included in the status analysis, identification of possibility and problems with regard to individual elements including topographic features, land use, density, urban structure, traffic network, greens and open space that form the urban structure and functions. And sustainability of physical elements was identified by presenting the possibility of resolving the problem. In fact, the sustainable physical elements are what modifying the problem of each element and reinforcing the potentiality and the problems were those that could be improved. The physical elements sustainable thus are summarized as the elements such as topography, urban structure in human scale, urban density, the street serving the framework of the residential area and important facilities and physical characteristics of loving street. The survey of residents' consciousness based on status analysis was intended to identify the sustainability of residence which was represented by the satisfaction and recognition of surrounding environment and the intent to reside. The analysis of the status already indicated the certain level of residents' satisfaction and even the some issues dissatisfied by the residents would possibly be resolved to some extent, and the residents were found to have recognized the main street as the framework of the residential area. Lastly, about 60% of the residents answered positively to the question on whether they would reside continuously, which appeared to be different from common recognition we used to think that the residents living on such slope residential district prefer to leave. Though Haebangchon was formed as native residential district, now it's been developed as typical urban residential area, and viewing the physical characteristics and resident satisfaction identified through the status analysis and resident's awareness of the residential environment, it has the potentiality of being developed to the better residential district. Should living environment of Haebangchon be developed, respecting the historic and sustainable physical elements, it would possibly be developed to the historic residential site showing Korea's modern living culture as well as the attractive residential site where the people can feel the nature in the middle of the town. In the wake of such analysis aforementioned, the recommendations on management of native residential district in urban area were identified. Firstly, the potentiality and problem shall be clearly identified through the in-depth analysis of the status, breaking from the stereotyped consciousness as inferior residential district. Secondly, the current problems would possibly be resolved, while existing urban structure remain intact. Thirdly, the regional characteristics are already incorporated into the native residential district, which, if possible, shall remain unchanged in the course of management. This study was intended to review the issues in such a way of seeking the possibility, unlike the previous approach that has considered the native residential area as inferior residential town, highlighting the potential problems, which is considered to be quite meaningful, compared to previous studies. The outcome of the study is expected to be substantially used, given that the improvement of living environment will be the 'refurbishment' that considers the regional environment and conditions. 본 연구는 현재 우리나라 도시 내 자생적 주거지의 개발 상황과 현 주거환경의 문제점에 착안하여 발전방안을 찾아보고자 시작하게 되었다. 지금까지 자생적 주거지들은 주로 전면철거되어 획일적인 주거지로 재개발되어 왔다. 이제 그들은 더 이상 불량주거지가 아니며 어엿한 도시주거지로 발전했지만 여전히 문제점들을 안고 있어 주거환경정비가 요구되는 상황이다. 이러한 배경에서 본 연구의 목적은 자생적 주거지인 해방촌의 주거환경정비에 반영할 수 있는 지속가능한 물리적 요소를 찾아 도시 내 자생적 주거지의 관리에 대한 시사점을 도출하는 것이다. 해방촌은 해방 직 후 무허가 판자촌으로 시작하여 지금까지 지속되고 있다는 역사성이 있고 미군기지의 공원화로 인해 이슈화되고 있다. 따라서 자생적 주거지 관리에 시사점을 줄 수 있는 대상지로 선정하게 되었다. 또한 지속가능한 물리적 요소를 찾는 것이 목적이므로 현재 물리적 환경의 가능성에 초점을 맞추어 연구를 진행하였다. 연구에 앞서, 물리적 환경에 대한 분석 및 평가를 뒷받침할 수 있는 이론적 근거를 제시하기 위해 주거환경과 물리적 환경에 대한 예비적 고찰이 선행되었다. 주거지의 물리적 환경은 주거환경의 기본 틀을 제공하며 이것이 긴밀하게 관리되고 지속적으로 뒷받침되어야 경제적 활력이나 커뮤니티의 형성 등이 가능하다. 한편, 주거환경을 정비하는 것은 궁극적으로 살기 좋은 주거지가 목표이며 걷기 좋은 환경, 가로공간 중심의 주거지, 다양한 용도의 혼합, 지역 특성의 형성과 같은 물리적 특징을 가지면서 동시에 거주민들의 환경에 대한 만족이 수반되어야 한다. 본 연구는 이러한 관계 속에서 물리적 환경에 대한 분석과 주민 의식 조사가 이루어졌다. 연구는 대상지 도시조직의 변천과정과 현황 분석 및 평가, 그리고 그러한 환경에 대한 주민의식조사 순으로 진행되었다. 해방촌의 역사적 변천과정은 도시조직의 변화를 살펴본 것으로 형성 이전의 모습, 도시조직의 형성, 공공사업에 의한 변화모습을 알아보는 것으로 이루어졌다. 이를 통해, 그 도시조직이 자연발생적으로 형성되었고 그동안 현지개량을 통해 정돈되어 왔으며 작은 규모의 도시조직이 유지되고 있음을 알았다. 또한 그러한 역사적인 도시조직이 단순히 물리적인 흔적이 아니라 주민들의 주거문화가 반영된 것임을 알 수 있었으며 해방촌의 현재 도시조직이 역사성과 장소성을 갖는다고 할 수 있었다. 현황 분석에서는 도시의 형태와 기능을 형성하는 기본요소인 지형, 토지이용, 밀도, 도시조직, 교통체계, 녹지 및 오픈스페이스 등의 개별 요소들에 대한 가능성과 문제점을 파악하였다. 또한 문제점을 해결할 수 있는 가능성을 제시함으로써 물리적 요소의 지속가능성을 파악하였다. 결국 지속가능한 물리적 요소는 각 요소의 문제점을 수정하고 가능성을 강화한 것이며 문제점들은 앞으로 개선 가능한 것들임을 확인할 수 있었다. 따라서 지속가능한 물리적 요소는 지형과 휴먼스케일의 도시조직, 도시적 밀도, 주거지의 골격을 이루는 복합용도의 생활가로 및 중요한 시설, 가로공간의 물리적 특성 등으로 요약할 수 있었다. 현황 분석 결과를 토대로 실시한 주민 의식 조사는 환경에 대한 만족도와 인지도, 지속적인 거주의사의 항목을 통해 주거지의 지속가능성을 알아보고자 하였다. 주민들의 주거환경만족도는 보통으로 나타났으며 불만스럽게 여기는 점들은 현황분석에서 해결가능성을 보였던 것들이었다. 주민들은 주요가로를 골격으로 주거지를 인지하고 있었으며 지속적인 거주의사에서는 약 60%가 살고 싶다고 답했다. 이러한 결과는 통상적인 인식, 즉 도시 내 자생적 주거지의 주민들이 주거지를 떠나고 싶어 한다는 것과 다르게 나타난 것으로 더 이상 불량주거지가 아니며 지속적으로 거주가 이루어지고 있다는 것을 확인할 수 있었다. 해방촌은 자생적 주거지로 시작했지만 이제는 어엿한 도시주거지로 발전하였으며 현황분석과 주민의식조사를 통한 물리적 특성과 환경에 대한 만족도를 볼 때, 앞으로 더 나은 주거지로 발전할 수 있는 가능성을 볼 수 있었다. 현황분석을 통해 지속가능하다고 판단한 요소들은 주민들이 인지하고 있는 물리적 요소들과도 일치하였으며 그것을 그들이 생각하는 문제점들도 해결가능한 것들이었다. 앞으로 해방촌의 역사적이고 지속가능한 물리적 요소를 존중하면서 주거환경을 정비한다면 한국 현대사의 주거문화를 보여주는 역사적인 주거지, 도심에서 자연을 느낄 수 있는 매력적인 주거지로 발전할 수 있을 것이다. 이러한 분석과정을 통해 도시 내 자생적 주거지의 관리에 대한 시사점을 도출하였다. 첫째, 불량주거지라는 통상적인 평가를 자제하고 면밀한 현황분석을 통해 가능성과 문제점을 명확하게 파악해야 한다. 둘째, 직면한 문제점들은 기존 도시조직을 유지하면서도 해결할 수 있다. 셋째, 자생적인 도시조직은 지역특성이 반영된 것으로서, 되도록 그것을 깨뜨리지 않는 범위 내에서 관리해 나가야 한다. 본 연구는 도시 내 자생적 주거지가 ‘불량주거지’로 여겨져 오며 문제점이 크게 부각되었던 지금까지와 달리, 가능성을 찾는 시각으로 바라보았다는 점에서 의미가 있다. 또한 연구의 결과는 앞으로의 주거환경개선의 방향이 지역 여건을 고려한 ‘정비’라는 점에서 실질적으로 활용할 수 있는 가능성을 갖는다고 볼 수 있다.

      • 초등학교 수학 교과서 통계 영역 국제 비교 분석

        서선영 서울교육대학교 교육전문대학원 2016 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        본 연구는 한국 1종, 미국 2종, 일본 1종, 싱가포르 1종 등 모두 5종의 초등 수학 교과서의 통계 영역을 객관적 지표인 교수단위를 이용해 분석하여 내용 전개상의 차이점을 찾아내고자 하였다. 특히 내용 체계 순서의 특징, 각 교과서 간의 차이를 보이는 내용, 통계적 사고를 함양하는 면에 있어서 적절성을 중점적으로 살펴보았다. 이를 통해 한국 초등 수학 통계 교육의 개선과 교과서 개정에 참고가 될 만한 객관적이고 정량적, 정성적인 자료를 제공하고 초등 수학 교과서 내용 구성에 대한 시사점을 얻는 데 목적이 있다. 여기서 쓰인 교수단위는 강완・나귀수・백석윤・이경화(2013)의 초등수학 교수단위 사전에 있는 것을 활용하고 초등수학 교수단위 사전에 없는 내용은 새로운 교수단위를 만들어서 사용하였다. 이를 위해 다음과 같은 연구 문제를 설정하였다. 가. 각 국 교과서의 통계 영역에서 학년별로 제시되는 내용체계의 순서는 다른 나라와 어떠한가? 나. 한국 교과서와 다른 나라의 교과서의 통계 영역에서 차이를 보이는 내용에는 어떤 것들이 있는가? 다. 통계적 사고를 함양하기 위한 측면에서 볼 때 각 국 교과서의 내용 전개는 적절한가? 5종의 교과서를 분석한 결과 얻은 결론은 다음과 같다. 첫째 한국교과서는 일본 1종과 싱가포르 1종의 내용 체계와 비슷하나 미국 2종의 교과서와는 차이를 보였다. 둘째 한국교과서에는 누가도표, 이중 막대그래프, 이중 꺾은선그래프, 통계 기법, 통계 값, 공학적 도구의 이용에 관한 내용이 부족하므로 이를 다룰 필요가 있으며, 자료 분류하기, 그래프의 평면적 분포, 그래프를 활용한 환경신문 기사 쓰기 등의 특징적인 내용을 통해 통계 영역을 실제적 학문으로 다루려 노력하는 점은 장점이다. 셋째, 한국교과서는 통계적 사고를 함양하기에 적합하게 전개하려 노력하고 있었다.

      • 대중문화 시대 '사랑'에 대한 시적 탐구

        서선영 동국대학교 문화예술대학원 2003 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        Poetry about love has always secured the widest audiences since literature was born. As now there is a growing concern of literary circles about route of folk literature, commercial approach of poetry is also a center of focus of such concern. But should it be understood in terms of concern or a kind of betrayal ? I am not a defender of those poem about love in popular literature, but want to maintain that present trend should be accepted as a possible alternative in a fundamental way so as to route the folk literature which starts to sprout. Getting out of underestimating, misunderstanding and wrong awareness overshadowed the love poems, a new direction for literature should be established. As a matter of fact, our literature failed to accept diversification, just as a tool of abnormal reflection of reality, lacking in tolerance that could lead profound deliberation on its identity in this confusion era. Like being swept by huge waves, people are more involved in more gigantic and low-level argument. Instant, pleasure-seeking, and sentimental love songs mixed up with abstracts and ideologies bring tears to people's eye, fascinating them, and at once distorting love poems by sugar-coating it with lower-level conventionality. It may be regarded as outlet of desire for novelties, or some authors or readers' antipathy against failure of expanding thoughts by confining to metaphysical struggle, hatred and participation of folk literature. But intellectuals who remain to stand up for metaphysical literary awareness or artistic nature of literature, tend to underestimate those poems considering them insignificant ones only seeking for popularity. Between both parties lie deep-seated disconnection and confrontation. How significance each of them has when the other does not exist ? What alternative can be created ? History of folk literature should not be discussed only confining to struggle, hatred, resistance and participation any longer. Poetry that tells about love in a high pitch, will exist for good so long as mankind lasts, as one of people's favorites. Considering that we are in the era of mass cult, it is high time to modify the stance to treat popular love poems as an outer of literature, isn't it ? Readers want more realistic and familiar literature existed around them, songs of our mind which can be heartily felt and breathed together. For this purpose, the reality that we are in the mass cult era, should be first accepted. In addition, we should give a thought to where we are positioned and how independent we are as subjects that shapes the mass cult. I really would like to fill up a gap with times which is entangled in a complex way, and to unit injured generations and Korea, a special confrontation party, into one, as a bridge. Furthermore, I hope to work on incorporating the concept of love which has been long distorted, into poetry as revival and sound coexistence to wrap up mutual disconnection. It appears different in every case, but has common features. Nobody could clearly disclose its identity. Because it is apt to be transformed as time goes by, creating a new one, just a moment's inattention may cause sudden turn. It is a genius of transformation with a fussy temperament, rejecting possibility of forecasting and certainty as it changes more rapidly than living creatures. From time immemorial, it is love that has been the most invaluable, objective and easily accessible truth, and I cannot but take my attention to it. The topic of thought which I will carry throughout my life, will be love and will work on expanding meaning of love in poetry in various ways. It is clear that my work on love will be imperfect or will leave much to be desired, but I wish I could disclose only the tip of the iceberg named love. Even though we are aware of defeat already, we have no choice but to rush into glaring brilliance like a tiger moth. For we, human beings, are doomed to do so, and on the other hand, we have a firm confidence that innumerable failure would certainly expand the scope of human beings.

      • 아파트의 전세/매매가격 비율에 영향을 미치는 요인에 관한 연구 -부산지역을 중심으로-

        서선영 부경대학교 대학원 2012 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        세계 금융위기 이후 한국의 부동산시장에서 경기 침체로 인해 주택매매가격이 보합세를 보이고 있는 반면 전세가격은 상승하고 있다. 그 결과 전세/매매가격 비율이 상승세를 나타내고 있다. 부동산 경기변동이론에 따르면 장기적으로 전세가격이 매매가격을 선행하지만 최근 부동산 시장은 그러한 모습을 보이지 않고 있는 것이다. 따라서 본 연구는 부산지역의 아파트 시장을 대상으로 매매가격과 전세가격의 관계를 분석하고자 전세/매매가격 비율에 영향을 미치는 요인에 관한 분석을 하였다. 분석의 결과 정(+)의 효과가 나타난 변수는 입주년도, 평형별 규모 18평 미만을 기준으로 했을 때 18평을 초과하는 평수, 초·중·고등학교 수, 사설학원 수, 지하철역의 수, 주택 보급률, 매매가격의 상승률 등으로 나타났다. 반면 부(-)의 효과가 나타난 변수는 매매가격 1억원 미만을 기준으로 했을 때 1억원 이상의 매매가격, 전세주택(호)의 증감율 등으로 나타났으며 건설사의 브랜드와 자가주택(호)의 증감율은 통계적으로 유의미한 결과를 얻지는 못하였다. 영향요인이 가장 큰 변수는 가격대별 매매가격으로 아파트의 매매가격이 증가할수록 전세/매매가격 비율은 하락하는 것을 알 수 있다. 이는 가격이 높은 아파트의 전세/매매가격 비율이 낮은 반면, 낮은 아파트의 전세/매매가격 비율이 높다는 기존 연구 결과와 일치한다. 또한, 중장기적 관점에서 부산지역 주택가격 안정이 필요하다는 것을 시사한다. Since world financial crisis, the housing sales price in Korea's real estate market has showed horizontal price movement because of economic recession, while Chonsei price has been rising. As the result, the ratio of Chonsei price to housing sales is on the rise. According to business cycle theory, Chonsei price exceeds housing sales price for the long run. However, recent real estate market doesn't seem like that. Therefore, this study analyzed the factors which influences the ratio of Chonsei price to housing price to analyse the relation between housing sales price and Chonsei price of Busan apartment markets. As the result of the analysis, the variables of positive(+) effects are a year of moving-in, a scale of Pyŏng type- in the case of over the 18 Pyong based on under 18 Pyong, the number of primary school, middle school, and high school, the number of private institutions, and the number of subway, diffusion ratio of house, the increase rate of housing sales price. On the while, the variables of negative(-) effects are the housing sales price which is above 1million won based on the housing sales price under 1 million won, the rate of increase and decrease of Chonsei housing. The brand of construct company, the rate of increase and decrease of one's own house doesn't draw meaningful result. The most influential variable is hosing sales price according to price range. It shows that the higher the price of apartment increases, the lower the ratio of Chonsei price to housing price decreases. This matches with the established study result that the ratio of Chonsei price to housing price of the higher price of apartment is low, while the ratio of Chonsei price to housing price of the lower price of apartment is high. Also, it implicates that Busan housing market price needs to be stable in the mid to long term perspective.

      • 결혼 초기 부부관계에서의 남편과 아내가 지각하는 사랑과 성

        서선영 이화여자대학교 대학원 2001 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        본 연구는 부부간 사랑에 대한 지각이 성태도 및 성행동과 관련이 있는지, 사랑과 성에 대한 지각의 차이가 성태도 및 성행동에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 규명하는데 목적이 있다. 이를 위해 남녀간 사랑과 성에 대한 지각이 근본적으로 서로 다르다는 진화론적 관점을 적용하여 Sternberg의 사랑이론으로 개인이 지각하는 사랑을 정의하였고, 성생활 만족과 성생활에 대한 의사소통으로 성태도 및 성행동을 개념화하였으며, 이러한 사랑이 부부간 성생활 만족과 관계가 있는지를 살펴보았다. 또한 남녀간 사랑과 성에 대한 지각이 다른지를 살펴보고 이러한 지각의 차이가 성생활 만족에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 분석하였다. 본 연구에서는 결혼년수가 5년 이하인 총 140쌍의 부부를 대상으로 자료를 수집하였다. 개인이 지각하는 사랑에 대한 개념화를 위해 Sternberg의 이론을 바탕으로 만들어진 사랑척도를 사용하였고, 성생활 만족을 측정하기 위하여 Hudson(1981)의 성생활 만족 지표를 바탕으로 측정하였다. 또한 성생활에 대한 의사소통은 Hudson의 성생활 만족 지표를 바탕으로 부부의 성생활 불만족에 대해 얼마만큼 부부상호간의 의사소통을 잘 하고 있는지를 묻는 것으로 구성되어 이 척도를 통해 성생활에 대한 부부간 의사소통 정도를 측정하였다. 본 연구의 주요 연구결과를 요약하면 다음과 같다. 첫째, 부부간 사랑에 대한 지각의 차이에 있어 책임감을 제외하고 친밀감, 열정 부분에서 유의한 차이가 나타나지 않았고, 성태도 및 성행동의 차이에 있어 성생활 만족과 성생활에 대한 의사소통 정도를 살펴 본 결과, 남성이 아내보다 성생활에 있어 즐거움을 더욱 추구하고 또한 성생활에 대한 부담감도 큰 것으로 나타나 성생활 만족에 있어 남녀간의 차이를 볼 수 있으나, 성생활에 대한 의사소통에 있어서는 유의한 차이가 나타나지 않았다. 둘째, 부부간 사랑에 대한 지각 정도가 높을수록 성생활만족이 높은 것으로 나타났다. 남편의 경우 아내의 열정이 높을수록 성생활 즐거움이 크고, 아내의 경우 남편의 친밀감과 책임감이 클수록 아내의 성생활 만족이 큰 것으로 나타났다. 또한 남편과 아내 모두 부부간 친밀감을 지각하는 정도가 낮을수록 성생활의 부담감이 커지고, 부부간의 열정이 높을수록 성생활에 대한 의사소통 정도가 큰 것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 사랑에 대한 지각과 성생활 만족과의 관계를 성별에 따라 구분해 분석한 결과 남편의 경우에는 사랑의 요소들 중에서 열정이 성생활 즐거움에 유의한 영향력을 미치는 것으로 나타났고 성생활에 대한 의사소통 또한 유의한 영향력을 가지는 것으로 나타났다. 여성의 경우에는 사랑의 요소 중 친밀감과 열정이 성생활 즐거움에 유의한 영향을 미치고 있지만 그 중에서도 친밀감이 더 큰 영향력을 미치는 것으로 나타났다. 남편과 아내 모두 성생활에 대한 의사소통이 높을수록 성생활 즐거움은 커지고 친밀감이 낮을수록 성생활 부담감이 큰 것으로 나타났다. 하지만 성생활에 대한 의사소통이 성생활 만족에 영향을 미치는 정도가 남성보다 여성의 경우 더욱 큰 영향력을 가지는 것으로 나타나 성생활 만족에 영향을 미치는 사랑의 요소나 의사소통 정도에 있어 성차를 보였다. 이러한 결과들은 부부간 사랑을 중심으로 성생활 만족이 이루어지고, 남녀간 사랑과 성에 대한 지각이 서로 다르며 이러한 차이로 인하여 성생활 만족이 달라지므로, 부부간 서로의 사랑과 성심리를 이해하고 그 차이를 존중하는 것이 필요하다는 것을 시사해준다. This study focused on the relationships between the perception of love and marital sexual life related to the gender differences in marital love and sexual scripts. In order to achieve it, the study applied the evolutionary perspective and the rational selection theory to explain the basic observed gender differences in the perception of love and marital sexual life, the relationships between the perception of love and marital sexuality. A sample of 140 early married couples completed a questionnaire that included Sternberg(1987) the Triangular theory of love scale and W.W.Hudson(1981) the Index of Sexual Satisfaction(ISS). Major findings of the study were as follows. First, the gender differences in the perception of love and marital sexuality emerged. In love attitudes, men indicated higher scores for commitment than did women. But there were no significant gender differences in love component of intimacy and passion. In marital sexuality, compared with women, men indicated higher scores for sexual enjoyment and sexual burdens. Second, There were the relationship between the perception of love and marital sexual satisfaction ; The greater values for love, the higher values for sexual satisfaction. For husbands, the greater values for wives' passion, the higher values husbands' sexual enjoyments, whereas for wives, the greater values for husbands' intimacy and commitment, the higher values wives' sexual satisfaction. Third, I found males and females attach different meaning of love to different sexual scripts or life. Husbands indicated that greater preferences for passion affected to sexual enjoyments and that more communications of marital sexuality affected to sexual satisfaction. Wives indicated that greater preferences for intimacy and passion affected to sexual enjoyments and that more communications of marital sexuality affected to sexual satisfaction. This findings suggest marital sexual satisfactions completed by love in couple and they must understand each other that gender differences in the perception of love, love attitude, sexual attitudes, and marital sexual satisfactions being.

      • 매체 전환 텍스트를 활용한 서사 교육 방안 연구 : 웹툰에서 영화·드라마로의 전환 사례를 중심으로

        서선영 이화여자대학교 교육대학원 2017 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        The development of wireless Internet and the spread of personal PC have greatly changed the lives of modern people. Now people can enjoy literary works in the form of e-books or audiobooks anytime and anywhere, and enjoy movies and dramas on the street with a smartphone. In Korean language education, considering such changes, media education have been conducted from the 7th educational curriculum. In particular, the government aimed to provide in-depth media education by establishing 'Media Language' in the 2007-revised curriculum and the 'Language and Media' in the 2015-revised curriculum as elective courses. Today, media are developing at a fast pace, and at the same time, they have the characteristics of multi-media. This suggests the need for education using media transformation text in Korean language education. However, the current curriculum and textbooks are biased towards movies based on novels, which cannot reflect the trend of digital media age. Therefore, this study proposed an educational method using webtoon, a representative example of multimedia, and media transformation text based on it. Webtoon, one of the narrative genres that cover a variety of themes, is transformed into a number of media including movies, dramas, plays, and musicals. Also, due to its nature as digital media, it is possible to make a variety of expression techniques including film directing and background music, and proactive interactions between writers and readers based on real-time interactive communication. Besides, many middle school students enjoy webtoons due to the high accessibility, so it is also advantageous to draw their attentions and interest. This study analyzed the texts that were determined to have educational values among the webtoons converted into other media. The subjects of the study included Webtoon/Movie "I Love You, Webtoon/Drama "Teenage Medley", and webtoon/Drama "Orange Marmalade" and their narrative structures such as story, plot, characters, and their media features. In terms of the narrative structures, it was explored how the events were omitted and expanded, how the characters were deleted or their personality were changed. In terms of media feature, it was identified how the media features of webtoons were reproduced in the medium of movie and drama. Then, based on the achievement standards related to media transformation education in the 2015-revised curriculum, the stage of learning was constructed, and examples of the learning activities using the analysis findings were suggested. However, this study has the following limitations. First, media transformation texts were restricted to video media. Although webtoons are transformed into a medium such as drama or musical, they were excluded from the study subjects for certain reasons. Therefore, it could not embrace more multi-dimensional changes. Second, there was a problem of how to present webtoons as learning materials. When a webtoon is put on a textbook, it is hardly distinguished from the form of a scanned comic book. Accordingly, the methodology of presenting webtoons in school textbooks should be investigated. Third, it is necessary to predict a variety of variables that may occur in the actual field before the practical application, since webtoon is an unfamiliar genre in Korean language education so far. Thus, in spite of the purpose of this study to embrace webtoon as an educational direction, webtoon is not thoroughly verified in the educational field, which requires further corrections and supplements. 무선 인터넷의 발달과 개인 PC의 보급은 현대인들의 삶을 크게 바꿔 놓았다. 언제 어디서든 전자책이나 오디오북의 형태로 문학 작품을 감상할 수 있게 되었으며, 스마트폰 하나로 길거리에서 영화나 드라마를 즐길 수 있게 되었다. 국어 교육에서는 이와 같은 매체의 발전을 염두에 두고 7차 교육과정에서부터 매체 교육을 실시하였다. 특히 2007 개정 교육과정에서는 ‘매체 언어’를, 2015 개정 교육과정에서는 ‘언어와 매체’라는 선택 과목을 개설하는 등 깊이 있는 매체 교육을 실시하고자 하였다. 오늘날 매체는 빠른 속도로 발전하고 있으며, 동시에 다중매체성을 띤다. 이는 국어 교육에서 매체 전환 텍스트를 활용한 교육이 필요함을 시사한다. 그러나 현행 교육과정과 교과서에서는 소설을 원작으로 하는 영화에 치우쳐 있으며, 디지털 매체 시대라는 흐름을 반영하지 못하고 있다. 따라서 본고에서는 다중매체성의 대표적 사례인 웹툰과 이를 원작으로 하는 매체 전환 텍스트를 활용한 교육적 방안을 제시하고자 하였다. 웹툰은 다양한 주제를 아우르는 서사 장르의 하나로서 영화, 드라마, 연극, 뮤지컬 등 수많은 매체로 전환되고 있다. 또한 디지털 매체이기 때문에 실시간 상호소통성을 기반으로 한 작가와 독자의 원활한 교류나 영화적 연출 및 배경음악 같은 다양한 표현 기법이 가능하다. 그리고 높은 접근성으로 많은 중등 학습자가 웹툰을 즐기고 있기 때문에 흥미를 이끌어내기에도 유리하다. 본고에서는 타 매체로 전환이 이루어진 웹툰 중에서 교육적 가치가 있다고 판단되는 것들을 텍스트로 선정하여 분석을 진행하였다. 연구 대상은 웹툰과 영화 <그대를 사랑합니다>, 웹툰과 드라마 <사춘기 메들리>, 웹툰과 드라마 <오렌지 마말레이드>로 선정하였으며, 스토리와 플롯, 인물 등의 서사구조와 매체적 특성을 연구 방법으로 삼아 분석을 진행하였다. 이에 서사구조에서는 사건이 생략 및 확대되는 양상과 인물이 삭제되거나 성격 변화를 보이는 것을 확인할 수 있었다. 매체적 측면에서는 웹툰의 매체적 특성이 영화·드라마라는 매체에서 어떻게 재현되는지 그 양상을 확인할 수 있었다. 이어서 2015 개정 교육과정에서 매체 전환 텍스트를 활용한 교육과 관련된 성취기준을 근거로 하여 학습의 단계를 구성하고, 분석 결과를 활용한 학습 활동의 예시를 제안하였다. 그러나 본고는 다음과 같은 한계를 갖는다. 첫째, 매체 전환 텍스트가 영상 매체에 한정되었다. 웹툰이 연극이나 뮤지컬과 같은 매체로도 전환되고 있음에도 여건상 연구 대상에서 제외되어 보다 다양한 변화 양상을 파악하지 못하였다. 둘째, 학습 자료로서 웹툰을 어떻게 제시할 것인가의 문제가 있다. 웹툰이 교과서에 실리는 순간 스캔만화와 다를 바가 없는 형태로 제시된다. 때문에 웹툰을 제재로 다룬다고 할 때 제시 방법에 대해 고민할 필요가 있을 것이다. 셋째, 실제 적용 전이어서 현장에서 발생할 여러 변수에 대한 고민이 필요하다. 아직까지 웹툰은 국어 교육 내에서 생소한 매체이다. 때문에 교육적 방향성을 제시하는 것을 목적으로 하였으나 현장에서 검증되지 않은 상태이기 때문에 여러 변수가 발생할 여지가 있다. 따라서 차후 수정·보완이 필요하다.

      • 대학교 sign system에 관한 연구 : 성균관대학교 옥외사인을 중심으로

        서선영 成均館大學校 디자인大學院 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        In this study, I intend to lay out a scheme of design that can represent the more scientific and effective Sign system by investigating how the current exterior Sign system in University was actually designed and instituted for the readability of night-time users and vehicle users, as well as understanding its problems. The literature study, scene examination and questionnaire research of Civilization & Society campus in Sungkyunkwan University were excuted as an investigation object. Likewise, the literature study and scene examination of six Universities in Seoul were excuted as an example of other Universities. Above all, by the literature study I investigated the function, characteristics and stylistic analysis etc. of University Campus for a theoretical articles, and examined the conception, purpose and function etc. of Sign system as a theoretical background about the sign. I provided the photographs after analyzing the physical elements stylistically as the design and instituted position etc. of the orientational, directional, & designating Signs among the elements of the existing exterior Sign system in University. For this, from February to April in 2004 I executed the scene examination of six Universities that were selected for its comparative object. I tried to understand the institution and design of the existing Sign system by an interview with Exterior Sign Materials Management-Team, and staffs in charge of Sign design in Sungkyunkwan University as the investigation object in this study. Also, I investigated the used situation of the exterior Sign system by the response that the users of Civilization & Society campus in Sungkyunkwan University presented. For the questionnaire research, I classified the questions about the existing instituted Sign into 23 items, and then I inquired into the viewpoint of the students, staffs of campus, graduate students and general persons who use the campus in Sungkyunkwan University. To simplify the suggested scheme of Sign system that can be easily seen to nignt-time users and vehicle users on the basis of the results on the literature study, scene examination and questionnaire research is as follows. First, if you consider night-time users, the sign must be instituted with a light for the readability of night-time. Sencond, the sign must be instituted on the place within 10°, that is the most natural recognition angle, when the distant is 100M in vehicles. Third, the sign must be intentionally designed if you consider the functionality together with the modeling characteristic of Sign system, and also it must preserve uniformity. For this, the simple design that does not give any confusion for information must be chosen, and the identity color of University must be used. Fourth, the excessive abuse of information to forward information brings about the deterioration of communication effects. Consequently, in this study I intended to show a scheme on that the sign can give an actual assistance to users by means of complementing the functionality to the modeling characteristic which is compatible with the original identities of University.

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