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        방혜인( 3명) 신라대학교 자연과학연구소 2012 自然科學論文集 Vol.22 No.-

        Objectives: This study was performed to grasp the relation between the effect and the satisfaction of mouth gymnastics program on the promotion of oral function of students. We investigate the degree of digestion due to stress and the changes in salivary flow. We should investigate about the relationship of xerostomia according to the changes in salivary secretion. Methods: Total 79 students for two weeks, Silla University Dental Hygiene Department participated in this survey. Results: In the point of view of oral xerostama, people without drinking have lower symptom and action of xerpstama than those who drink three or four times a week. As the change rate of salivation amount is large, the degree of digestion, stress and xerpstama symptom and action is low. However the satisfication of oral exercise program is high. Conclusions: Adult should pay attention to oral health through oral exercise which increases the amount of salivation. Also Oral and total health should be increased through oral health education for the methodical oral health program

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