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        지리산국립공원 저서성 대형무척추동물의 섭식기능군 분포 특성과 생물학적 수질평가

        방기준 ( Gi Jun Bang ), 김형곤 ( Hyoung Gon Kim ), 윤춘식 ( Chun Sik Yoon ), 정선우 ( Seon Woo Cheong ) 한국환경과학회 2016 한국환경과학회지 Vol.25 No.5

        The distribution characteristics of functional feeding groups and biological evaluation of water quality with benthic macroinvertebrates were investigated from 2013 to 2014 in the mountain streams of Jirisan National Park. Both quantitative and qualitative collection had been performed six times during study periods in twelve sites located at upstream, midstream and downstream of four valleys, Chilsungol, Baemsagol, Daesunggol and Piagol of freshwater ecosystem in Jirisan National Park. As results, the total collected benthic macroinvertebrates were 3 phyla, 4 classes, 11 orders, 37 families, 107 species and 4,028 individuals. In 2013, 3 phyla, 4 classes, 10 orders, 32 families, 89 species and 1,829 individuals were collected. And in 2014, 3 phyla, 4 classes, 9 orders, 31 families, 80 species and 2,199 individuals were identified. The total dominant species was Ecdyonurus kibumensis, and EPT groups occupied 80.39% of total species number. Biotic indices were also compared to site and to season. The dominant index (DI) was highest at the downstream of Baemsagol in the spring of 2013, and the evenness index (J``) was highest at the downstream of Daesunggol in the summer of 2013. Both diversity index (H``) and richness index (RI) were highest at the upstream of Baemsagol in the summer of 2014. The correlation between altitude above sea level and functional feeding groups of benthic macroinvertebrates was also researched in this study. As a result, the species number of shredders and predators have significantly increased according to the increase of the altitude of their habitat. On the other hand, individuals of gathering collectors have increased according to the increase of altitude. The biological water quality was evaluated and compared with several methods in this study, and we suggest that ESB and GPI are more appropriate than KSI and BMI to evaluate biological water quality of mountain stream water.

      • 의사결정지원시스템과 전문가시스템의 통합

        방기준,오환종 群山大學校 1997 論文集 Vol.24 No.-

        Expert Systems are emerging as a powerful tool for decision making. Integrating expert systems with decision support systems may enhance the quality and efficiency of both computerized systems. This article examines possible connections between the two technologies and discusses some issues related to their integration.

      • CIM하에서의 생산관리의 역할

        방기준,오환종 群山大學校 1997 論文集 Vol.24 No.-

        The purpose of this study is to present the conceptual prototype of Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM). To do this, the general characteristic, the function, the method of the application and the case of the introduction of CIM are investigated. The role of production management in CIM is compared with that of Production Activity Control(PAC) To overcome the weakness of the CIM, Artifical intelligence(AI) techniques are introduced. The contribution of this study is to present concrete methodology of operating the CIM.

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