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        류재기 ( Jae-ki Rye ),장철수 ( Choul-soo Chang ) 대한임상검사과학회 2010 대한임상검사과학회지(KJCLS) Vol.42 No.2

        The aim of this study was to investigate the problem areas in the current clinical training of biomedical laboratory science education which may guide the development of an effective strategy for managing clinical training for biomedical laboratory science students. A self-reporting questionnaire was developed by the researchers. This survey was conducted between May 1st and May 15st in 2009 and 92 questionnaires werecollected from senior biomedical laboratory science students. In Analyzing data, chi-square test was used for categorical variables. 82.6% of respondents was satisfied with conditions of the training institutes. 30~40% of the respondents reported that they were not satisfied with the programs and supervision systems for training students even though the staff members of other disciplines were supportive in general. Although83.7% of the respondents reported that they were obtaining information and knowledge for their professional carrier through the training, 70.7% of the respondents reported that they had negative experiences during the training. According to the result of the survey, it can be inferred that the structure of the training education needs to be more systematically organized in order to train the well prepared entry-level biomedical laboratory scientists.

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