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        환자가 인식하는 군병원 간호장교의 의사소통유형과 환자 신뢰,만족과의 관계

        나정순(중령) ( Jung Soon Na ),이진이(대위) ( Jin Yi Lee ),이지영 ( Ji Young Lee ) 국군간호사관학교 군진간호연구소 2016 군진간호연구 Vol.34 No.1

        Purpose : This study identifies the communication style of the nurses and examines the reliability and satisfaction of patients toward nursing officers based on the military hospital. Methods : 255 patients who were in the military hospital over seven days participated in this study. This descriptive correlation study was analysed with one-way ANOVA, independent t-test, Turkey test and Pearson correlation coefficient. Results : The scores patients perceived in communication style accounted for 25.55±4.00, 23.51±5.05, and 17.60±3.44 in information style, friendly style, and authority style, respectively. Also patients scored 4.06±0.77 average score in reliability and satisfaction score was 4.13±0.73 in average. Finally, patients perception on information and friendly communication style was positively correlated with reliability and satisfaction of patients. Conclusion : Based on the findings of this study, patients` perception on their nurse officers depended highly on the information communication style nurses use, followed by friendly communication style in the military hospital. The more the nurses use the Information and friendly communication, the higher the reliability and satisfaction of the patients. This findings will offer valuable information on the development of the communication style and education program based on the military hospital.

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