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      • 淸代民間手寫應用文楷書字形字體硏究 : Research on the Kaishu fonts and styles of the civilian handwriting in Qing Dynasty

        김억섭 北京師範大學 2003 해외박사

        RANK : 247631

        This dissertation, based on the theory of Chinese Character Formation, using the civilian handwriting applications and official application as the data words, describes the whole visage of the civilian handwriting and expatiates on the varies of phenomena of the Qing Dynasty. A detailed examination is made on the data. The characters of the civilian handwriting in Qing Dynasty come to a summing-up, by analysis and comparison to the Chinese characters, which were used in the official field, for instance, the memorials to the throne. Finally, the otherness between the civilian handwriting of Qing Dynasty and the normal handwriting, Kangxi Dictionary, are summarized. The status of civilian handwriting in the whole characters system is confirmed, and then the extent of acquaintance and the characteristics of the characters using in civilian handwriting are described out, by the research on the contrast. between the civilian handwriting and the normal characters(authority characters). The dissertation consists of the following five parts. l, Introduction, showing the theory and. methods about the research, and the principles of data selecting. 2, Making classification about the data of the civilian handwriting of Qing Dynasty; seeing the varies relations about the data; concluding the characters of different-writing, different-making, same-forms and. the sound borrowing. 3, The instance of characters using and relations of the characters, classifying the relationship of the data, based on the data of the characters. 4, Comparing about the civilian handwriting of Qing Dynasty; getting the data about the different-forms characters: quantity, using frequency, using characteristic; and drawing out having no criterion about the characters using in folk life. 5, The analysis on the theory about the civilian handwriting. The characteristics of the handwriting are made out, based on the arranging about the data, and on the study on the style of the civilian handwriting, the relationship between the using frequency of characters, mistaken characters.

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