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      • 서로 다른 표면을 가진 임플란트의 안정성 비교에 관한 연구

        김남숙 전남대학교 대학원 2007 국내석사

        RANK : 247647

        Introduction In these days, numerous studies about surface treated implants have been conducting. However, a few of studies which compared and continuously measured the stability of various surface treated implants in the same individual had been performed. We aim to find the clinical meaning of surface treatments as observing the differences in the stabilization stages of implant stability. The ISQ and PeriotestⓇ were measured each week in the period of 8 ones from 8 various kinds of implants having different implant surfaces placed in the mandibles of 3 adult dogs. Materials and Methods Eight different surface topographies of dental implants were especially designed for the present study. Machined surface implants were used as a control group. 4 nano-treated surface implants (20㎚ TiO2 coating surface, heat-treated 80㎚ TiO2 coating surface, CaP coating surface, heat treated CaP coating surface) and 3 micro-treated surface implants [resorbable blast media(RBM) surface, sandblast and acid-etched(SAE) surface, anodized RBM surface] were used as experiment groups. All 24 implants were placed in 3 adult dogs. PeriotestⓇ & ISQ values measured for 8 weeks and all animals were sacrificed at 8 weeks after surgery. Then the histological analyses were done. Results From this study, we could conclude that: 1. In PTV, all implants were stabilized except 1 failed implants. (The PTV was negative values) 2. In ISQ values, 1) The lowest stability was observed at different times for each individual. 2) The ISQ values were showed that increased tendency after 5 weeks in every groups. After 4 to 5 weeks, the values were stabilized. 3) In one animal (dog 1), the decreased gap of stability was big after 1 week. But at 8 weeks the stability was increased so that most of the groups had over 68 ISQ values except 1 implant (heat-treated 80㎚ TiO2 coating surface). 4) In another 2 animals, the ISQ values after 8 weeks were higher than the initial ISQ values. 3. There was no statistic correlation between the ISQ values and PTV. 4. In the histological findings, the bone formation was shown to be adequate in general and no differences among the 8 surface treated implants. Conclusions In this study, the difference in the stability of the implants was determined not by the differences in the surface treatment but by the individual specificity.

      • 생산직 근로자의 일터 학습네트워크 연구

        김남숙 崇實大學校 2010 국내박사

        RANK : 247647

        The network holds the property of requiring intimate and frequent interaction amongst the members and the knowledge exchange, the interaction learning amongst the performers become the key. The adult learning that is accomplished based on work places in particular are occurred through various connections and social interactions. However, if the existing learning community had understood the learning activities as the roles of the groups and effectiveness, the learning network places the center on the 'relation' of learning. In accordance, the learning network explains the learning relations and prospects the aspect for the growth and self-development of the 'relation.' In particular, the industrial sites are accomplished with the easy organization structure for the occurrence of generation and advancements. The majority of the knowledges gained from learning within industrial sites are the knowledges that can verify the visible effects and apply into the sites and one frequently experiences the coincidental and unplanned learning within daily work situations. The casual situation on the learning network was the 'confrontation of the work site problem situations' and based on this, the 'connection mechanism search for the problem solving' appeared as the central happening. The 'demands and support of organizations and the individual understanding and interests' displayed the mediating conditions and the application within the learning networks were as follows. With the 'defence for new information, the field application of knowledge, the confirmation of the visual problem solving abilities, knowledge based on relations and significance reconstruction,' the application/interaction strategies were used. The type of 'self-creation of learning relations through experiences and knowledge exchange' appeared as the 'problem solving network, process network, relation network, purpose network and external support network.' The problem solving network is formed by problem situation-oriented and the class of interaction is not localized to the task structure of line, division or process and is formed autonomously. The learning process is combined organically and mainly, the formal learning activities had been accomplished. The relation network was formed for the purpose of communication formation, intimacy amongst the members rather than the solving of problems and tasks. As the frequently used learning networking strategy in the adult learning sites, the relation-oriented learning network was being formed self-driven and voluntarily. Majority of the purpose network were constructed with cases of organization focused on networking. As the official learning network that is also intentional, it was operated focusing on tasks and the planning and formative learning activities appeared as its properties. External support network appeared all forms of the formal and unformal learning. Particularly, for the stable settlement and operation of the regulations, the external support network was formed but was evaluation to be falling in the application or the effectiveness of the knowledge. The following is an examination for the properties of the learning network. First, the learning network is the structure where the learning and teaching is interactively circulating amongst the learners. Second, the learning network within the work place was formed intentionally due to the purpose of the organization based on the problem situation. Third, the learning network did not only take responsibility of the core roles and the elevation of accomplishments for the organization through the assurance and exchange of knowledge but also contributed to the identity elevation within the dimensions of individual learning. It appeared to be forming the learning network based on problem situations, accomplishing learning activities and as such learning activities created different learning networks, it was displaying the form of learning producing another form of learning. 성인학습은 개인적인 과정임과 동시에 그들이 관계하고 있는 삶과 사회적 네트워크에 의해 형성되는 과정이기도 하다. 그러나 기존의 학습공동체 연구가 집단의 학습활동으로 인한 효과성과 집단의 역할로서 학습활동을 이해했다면, 학습네트워크는 학습의 ‘관계' 에 중심을 둔다. 이에 따라 학습네트워크는 학습관계를 설명하고, ‘관계' 가 성장하고 자기발전해가는 양상을 조망해준다이에 본 연구는 이러한 문제를 기반으로 생산직 근로자의 학습네트워크에 대한 분석을 통해 일터를 기반으로 이루어지는 학습활동의 맥락적 관계를 탐색하였다. 연구대상자는 생산직 근무3년 이상~20년 미만의 경력자로서, 현재 생산라인에 투입되어 근무하는 근로자로 선정하였다. 자료 분석은 질적연구 방법들 가운데 상징적 상호작용에 기반을 둔 근거이론(Grounded Theory)을 사용하였다. 학습네트워크에 대한 인과적 상황은 ‘작업현장에서의 문제상황 직면' 이었으며, 이를 토대로 ‘문제해결을 위한 맥락적 기제 탐색'이 중심현상으로 나타났다. ‘조직의 요구와 지원, 개인적 이해와 관심' 등이 중재적 조건을 나타났으며, 학습네트워크에서의 작용은 다음과 같았다. ‘친분을 위한 일상적 활동, 관계를 위한 적극적 노력, 우리의식형성, 지식의 현업적용, ‘객관화된 지식의 확산' 으로 작용/상호작용 전략을 사용하였다. 학습네트워크의 중재적 조건으로 '공식화된 지원‘, '생산제품의 특성‘, ‘원활한 의사소통 구조‘, ‘개인적 특이성‘, ‘사회적 편견', ‘지식공유자간의 호혜성', ‘지위에 따른 상호작용의 제약' 이 나타났다. 학습네트워크의 기능/결과는 '학습네트워크의 자기조직화‘로 나타났다. 본 연구에서의 학습네트워크의 형성의 핵심범주는 ‘경험과 지식의 공유를 통한 학습관계의 자기생성' 으로 나타났다. 이것은 일터에서의 문제 상황을 해결하기 위한 경험과 지식의 공유를 통해 형성되는 학습관계가 생성, 발전된다는 의미이다. ‘경험과 지식의 공유를 통한 학습관계의 자기생성'의 유형은 ‘문제해결네트워크, 공정별 네트워크, 관계적 네트워크, 목적적 네트워크, 외부지원네트워크로 나타났다. 학습네트워크의 특성을 살펴보면 다음과 같다. 첫째, 학습네트워크는 학습자들 간의 가르침과 배움이 상호 순환되는 구조이다. 둘째, 일터에서의 학습네트워크는 문제 상황을 기반으로 자발적 혹은 조직의 목적에 의해 의도적으로 형성되었다. 셋째, 학습네트워크는 지식의 확보와 공유를 통해 조직의 수행성과 향상에 핵심적인 역할을 담당할 뿐만 아니라 개별 학습자 차원에서도 정체성 향상에 기여하고 있었다. 학습이 단순히 일터에서의 적응과 성과창출을 위한 도구로서 뿐만 아니라 일터에서의 자신의 역할과 위치를 설정해주는 역할로까지 확대되고 있었다. 넷째, 학습을 통한 성공경험의 공유․확산으로 학습네트워크는 지속적이고 연속적인 학습활동을 양산하는 것으로 나타났다. 문제 상황을 기반으로 학습네트워크를 형성하고, 학습활동이 이루어지며, 이와 같은 학습활동은 또 다른 학습네트워크를 생성해냄으로써 학습이 또 다른 학습을 양산하는 형태를 보여주고 있었다.

      • Assessment of TBT and Antifouling Alternative Contamination in Korean coast after the total TBT ban

        김남숙 한양대학교 대학원 2015 국내박사

        RANK : 247631

        ABSTRACTAssessment of TBT and Antifouling Alternative Contamination in Korean coast after the total TBT banIn 2003, South Korea imposed a total ban on the use of tributyltin (TBT)-based paint for all new ships, including oceangoing vessels, built in the country. In this study, the effectiveness of the total ban on TBT use and the subsequent contamination of coastal environments in Korea with alternative biocides were investigated.The mean TBT levels in seawater samples from 17 sites in Jinhae Bay decreased from 11.3 ng Sn/L (before the TBT ban, 1995/97) to 2.5 ng Sn/L (immediately after the TBT ban, 2003/04), and then 0.2 ng Sn/L in 2009 (6 years after the TBT ban). The residual TBT levels in oyster tissues from samples collected from 13 sites were about four times lower in 2012/13 (mean, 130 ng Sn/g) than in 1995/97 (mean, 500 ng Sn/g). The total ban on TBT use effectively reduced seawater and oyster TBT levels in Jinhae Bay, but TBT levels in seawater and oysters remain above the global environmental quality standards established to protect marine organisms. The sediment TBT levels have not significantly decreased, even 10 years after the partial TBT ban on small ships and 5 years after the total TBT ban on all oceangoing vessels in Korea. Rock shell (Thais clavigera) samples were collected at 10 sites along the coast of Jinhae Bay. The frequency and degree of imposex, sex ratio, and residual TBT levels in the rock shell were compared before, and 5 and 10 years after, the TBT ban. The percentage of females increased from 26% in 1995/97 to 62% in 2013, 10 years after the TBT ban. The mean penis lengths of the imposex (imposition of male organs on females) females decreased from 9.0 mm (before the TBT ban) to 2.9 mm (10 years after the TBT ban). The mean frequency of imposex females decreased from 100% (in 1997/95) to 92% in 2008, and then to 51% in 2013. No imposex females were found at 2 of 10 sampling sites in 2013. The mean TBT concentrations in rock shells were 29 (range, 6–58) ng Sn/g in 2008 and 43 (range, 14–106) ng•Sn/g in 2013. These values were significantly lower than that the 117 (range, 23–269) ng•Sn/g in 1995/97. The mean TBT concentration in rock shells decreased approximately fourfold over the 11 years.Seawater samples from the three major bays, fishing ports and harbors in Korea, were analyzed to determine the levels of TBT and alternative biocides used as alternative antifouling agents. Of the alternative biocides, Diuron and Irgarol 1051 were detected at all of the sampling sites. In contrast, the levels of Pyrithiones, Sea-Nine 211, and Dichlofluanid were below the detection limits in all samples. Diuron levels were higher compared to Irgarol 1051. The Diuron and Irgarol 1051 concentrations in the study area ranged between 29 ng/L and 1360 ng/L and between nd (not detected) and 14.1 ng/L, respectively, indicating that Diuron and Irgarol 1051 have been widely used in Korea. The frequency of detection of Diuron, as well as Irgarol 1051 and M1 (a breakdown product of Irgarol 1051) in Gohyun Bay was high in comparison to the other areas studied. The concentrations of TBT and BTs [MBT + DBT + TBT] in the study area were in the range of nd to 23.9 ng Sn/L and nd to 69.9 ng Sn/L, respectively. The concentration of TBT was high in fishing ports (mean, 4.1 ng Sn/L) and harbor areas (mean, 3.0 ng Sn/L), while it was relatively low in the three major bays (mean, 0.6 ng Sn/L) and open water of Jinhae Bay (mean, 0.1 ng Sn/L). The significant correlation between TBT and Diuron concentrations in the major harbors indicates that the source of Diuron was AF agents used on ships' hulls. Diuron levels exceeded the UK environmental quality standard (EQS) value in 73% of the fishing port samples, 64% of the samples from the major bays, and 42% of the harbor samples. Irgarol 1051 levels were marginally below the Dutch and UK EQS values at all sites.Sediment samples from shipping (i.e., ports and harbors sites) and shipbuilding (i.e., shipyards) areas were analyzed to determine the levels of booster biocides and butyltins. Diuron was detected at all sampling sites and Irgarol 1051 was identified at 15 of 34 stations, while Pyrithiones and Dichlofluanid were below the detection limits in all samples. The concentration of Diuron in shipbuilding and shipping areas was in the range of 2.3–16.9 ng/g and 6.1–62.3 ng/g, respectively. The Irgarol 1051 concentration was in the range from nd to 7.4 ng/g and was higher in Gohyun Bay than the other areas surveyed. Of the shipping areas studied here, the highest concentration of Diuron was observed at Busan Harbor (62.3 ng/g). The TBT concentrations varied from 3 to 55,264 ng•Sn/g in sediment samples. The highest TBT (55,264 ng Sn/g) and butyltin (70,223 ng Sn/g) concentrations were found in the vicinity of a large repairing shipyard in Ulsan. The Diuron levels in the shipbuilding area were significantly correlated with the levels of TBT and Irgarol 1051. The Diuron concentration in sediment from shipping areas (50%) and the shipbuilding sites (25%) in this study exceeded the proposed maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of 9 ng/g value. The concentration of Irgarol 1051 exceeded the environmental risk limit (ERL) of 1.4 ng/g value in 40% of the shipbuilding sites and 20% of the shipping areas.

      • 전략적 경영감사 기법을 활용한 우리나라 출연(연)의 발전방안에 관한 연구 : 한국기초과학지원연구원(KBSI)을 중심으로

        김남숙 세종대학교 대학원 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        As development of Science & Technology is give rise to growth of national economy and promotion of national competitiveness, the role of Government-sponsored Research Institutes (hereinafter GRIs), that is a core of development of S&T, is very important in national innovation system.But appearance of emerging technology, acceleration of technological innovation, conversion to knowledge based economy society etc., as environment of S&T is to transform, academic & industry appear to core research institute for S&T and interval of nation is narrowed more.The end of 1999s, the Korean GRIs transfer to under the research council system, so that they could overcome problems by environmental change. GRIs have been criticized because they have not been to cope with in transition of environment strategically.This study analyzed GRIs to diagnose their fault and propose alternative method through management assessment by strategic management audit method. This method is one of the firm's management assessment method.KBSI is an object of this study because it has not to carry out relevant role of institute and master its circumstance strategically. Therefore, KBSI have to establish a new strategic role to overcome the many difficulties.This study used strategic management audit method to draw strategic core factors around its environment from the view of SWOT.According to the study, KBSI has many problems, which are unfitness of vision, strategy, and architecture, a shortage of research fund and superior manpower. Therefore, this study suggest following six alternative policies to solve these problems.Six alternative policies Ere re-illumination of vision & mission, re-set up of management strategy to be fit in transformed vision mission, deduction of core research fields in a middle & long term, reorganization of architecture, securement plan of superior manpower & research fund and revitalization of cooperation system.These results verified that Korean GRIs are very important institute for sustainable innovation of S&T though they have many problems. Therefore, GRIs make an great effort to be new and innovative institute for S&T through establishment of righteous role and quality reform of institute in national innovation system.

      • 認指行動적 집단상담 프로그램이 비만 여고생의 身體象, 自我尊重感, 憂鬱에 미치는 效果

        김남숙 국민대학교 2007 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a cognitive-behavioral group counseling program on body image, self-esteem and depression of obese girl students in a high school.The program was developed on the basis of Cash's cognitive-behavioral remedy program, Greenberger and Padesky's group counseling program, and Hyojeong Hwang's meditation program.The 20 obese students were randomly assigned to two groups: 10 obese girls into experimental group and the other 10 obese girls into control group. The experimental group participated in 90 minutes 9-session program for 6 weeks. The control group received no treatment at all during this period.The program was led by the present investigator. Pre-test and post-test on body image, self-esteem and depression of obese were carried out to examine effects of the program.The result of the study was as follows:Firstly, the cognitive-behavioral group counseling program was proved to be effective in that the obese girl students came to have positive body image because of their recognition of cherishing their body. This could be done by correcting negative thought system and errors of core belief.Secondly, obese girls that were participated in the cognitive-behavioral group counselling program enhanced their self-esteem. As the program was proceeded, they had higher self-esteem due to many activities for example, careful listening, reflection, encouragement. In many thesis, the less they felt fat, the more self-esteem they had.Thirdly, Obese girls joining this program had less depression than obese girls having no treatment. However, in some study obese group don't decrease depression in spite of this program.As a result of this program, obese girls body image was developed and their self-esteem was enhanced effectively. And level of depression was brought down. Therefore, the important meaning of this thesis follows as: when negative automatic thinking about twisted body image and misunderstanding of core feeling was found and modified, negative feeling about body image was changed into positive feeling. Then, obese girls will have the higher level of body image and self-esteem, and the lower depression then before.

      • 문자의 조형성을 통한 회화적 표현 연구 : 본인의 작품을 중심으로

        김남숙 弘益大學校 美術大學院 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        인류가 존재한 수 만년 동안 선화(線畵), 기호, 그림 등 간단한 의사소통의 수단으로 문자가 많이 이용되었다. 암각화에서 보여 지는 그림이나 기호, 부호들은 집단의식의 상징성에서 끌어내고자 하는 것이 바로 자연과의 친화에서 오는 대화의 소통이며, 자연 내부에 있는 모든 것과의 적절한 조화를 이룬 형상이다.또한 회화문자는 자연적인 모든 물체의 이름을 대신해서 그림을 그리듯 뜻을 통하게 형상을 만든 것이다. 문자의 추상적 형태는 문자를 새롭게 구성하고 재생산하는 복합적인 에너지(energy)의 다의성(多義性)과 물성을 두드러지게 나타내고 있다.그 물성은 율동성을 드러내기 위한 역동적 에너지의 표정과 감정의 생생한 움직임을 표출하고 나아가서 문자의 조형성은 얼룩이나 마티에르를 모티브(Motive)로 구성적 요소와 문자의 형상을 기본으로 색채의 순수함을 강조하고 있다.색채는 모노크롬(monochrome)의 순수한 색조로 이루어지며, 오방색(五方色) 즉 빨강, 노랑, 파랑, 흰색과 검은색의 단색조로 한국적인 색채를 강조한다. 작품의 주조색인 오방색의 오행(五行) 가운데 황(黃)색은 가장 고귀한 색으로 우주 중심에 해당되고, 청(靑)색은 만물이 생성하는 봄의 색으로 창조(創造), 생명(生命), 신생(新生)을 상징하며 복을 나타내는 색임을 강조하면서 오방색을 사용하고 있다.따라서 본문에서는 회화문자의 조형적 변화와 역사적 배경, 형태적 변화에 대하여 분석한다. 작가로는 남관의 문자추상(文字抽象)의 이미지와 고암 이응노의 문자화(文字畵)에서 동양적인 사상과 독특한 조형미를 분석하고, 또한 프란츠 클라인은 동양의 선(禪)사상을 이해라도 하듯 작품이 서체적 추상회화로 나타나는 것을 알 수 있다. 본인은 이러한 문자의 조형적 형태와 색채를 어떻게 회화적으로 표현할 것인가를 연구한다.본인 작품에 나타나는 형태는 한글과 한문, 또는 중국 산동성 띵콩(丁公)토기문자와 이스타섬(Easter Island)의 코하우(Kohau) (롱고롱고(Rongo Rongo))문자 등 조형적인 형태와 색채의 면화에서 본인만의 특징적인 문자추상 작업의 상징적 이미지를 작품 제작의 목표로 삼는다. 작품에서 물성과 정신성을 함께 공유하면서 서체적 문자 추상의 다양한 상상력을 추이하고, 한지와 신문지 등 오브제를 붙이고 알파벳(alphabet)과 아라비아(arabic)숫자도 응용하여 그 위에 드리핑(dripping)작업을 한다. 또한 조형적인 행위이미지를 나타내는 문자는 함축된 상징적 연어를 흙벽과 같은 질감으로 표현한다.이러한 과정에서 표현(Expression)이라는 수단은 자신의 창조적 미의식과 시각적인 형태를 중심으로 내면세계의 강렬한 충동을 밖으로 표출한다. 그러므로 본인의 작업에서 문자의 조형성은 그 물성과 정신성을 통하여 회화적 창작과정에 이르며 이러한 개념과 미의식을 가지고 본 주제를 통하여 논리적으로 연구하게 되었다. A letter has been much used as a means of simple communications such as a line painting, a sign and a painting for tens of thousands of years when mankind has existed. Paintings, signs or marks seen on rock paintings symbolize collective consciousness. They are just communications coming from the friendship with nature, and the forms in proper harmony with all things internal to nature.Also, a pictograph was formed with meaningfulness and plastic construction as if pictures were painted instead of the names of all natural objects. Just as a pictogram was one method of communication, a hieroglyphic was formalized into one letter in a painterly way through plasticity like the shape of a thing or object.A letter in an abstract form remarkably shows polysemy and materiality in complex life energy newly constructed and reproduced. The materiality expresses the expression of dynamic energy to reveal rhythmicality and vivid movements of emotion.Furthermore, the plasticity of a letter emphasizes the purity of color based on the forms of components and letters using stain or matiere. The color is composed of monochrome pure tonality.It is Korean with one color among the colors in the five directions, that is, red, yellow, blue, white and blackOne can find Oriental outstanding ideas and colors also in the character abstraction by Nam, Gwan and Goam, Lee, Eung-No.Nam, Gwan made a character abstraction by Korean long historical tradition and Oriental expression and found an important motive in the image of a tragic man through experiencing the war.Lee, Eung-No expressed the new meaning of having even nature and man appear by disorganizing, compounding and presenting in a new form especially the ideas and characters in which paintings were united with calligraphic works. Also, Franz Joseph Kline's work is shown as a calligraphic abstract painting as if he understood Oriental idea of Zen.The artistic characteristics intrinsic to Chinese characters or Hangul of the East have been combined with Western plastic elements and created the world of sign space by overlapped characters. Yellow among the Five Elements of the colors in the five directions, the main colors in my work, corresponds to cosmic center as the most valuable color, whereas as the color of spring when all things are generated blue symbolizes creation, life and a new birth indicating blessings.And the plastic forms include Hangul and Chinese characters or Tingkong Earthenware Character excavated east of the village Tingkong, Shandong, China and Kohau (Rongo Rongo) character of Easter Island, a small island in the eastern part of the South Pacific, and others. I study and analyze symbolic images with my own characteristic character abstraction in the changes of plastic forms and colors with the characters.The case study about my work changes various imaginative powers in calligraphic character abstraction owning materiality and spirituality jointly. But I will attach objects such as Korean paper, and newspaper and add alphabet and Arabic numerals when I work in the future.I will conduct dripping work on them, and also express the implicit symbolic language in the character indicating the image of plastic acts as the matiere like a mud-plastered wall. In such process, the means of expression outside expresses the intense impulse in the inner world centered on an artist's own creative aesthetic sense and visual forms.Thus, the plasticity of a character in my work reached the creative process of painting through its materiality and spirituality and such concept and aesthetic sense came to be logically studied through the subject.

      • 축제를 통한 용인시 도시브랜드 구축에 관한 연구

        김남숙 단국대학교 경영대학원 2012 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        The concept of the border moved to the concept of the city and the importance of the city became the object of the marketing naturally. Means that being used with free means of the city marketing is to be the city branding. City brand management makes benefit augmentation, job creation, higher income and a pursuit of the self-conceit core and binding together by city business, sightseeing and so on. It's a time of festivals. A lots of festivals are opened all of the world. So, naturally festivals are becoming the social phenomenon. Festival recognize city brand. So, it's used to main strategy. The goal of study is to contribute city brand improvement of Yongin by opening special festival with case study. I suggest to improve Yongin city brand by festival marketing for NJP art center, located in Yongin, to remember of Nam Joon Paik. This study approach the person, Nam Joon Paik, and the space, NJP art center. Both person and space are connected by story telling, which must develop in festival. The festival applies human, material and environmental resources of the city. For example of material resource festival is Suwon castle, Hwaseong Cultural Festival in Suwon and for example of space resource festival is Verona of Opera. For example of environment resource festival is Hampyeong Butterfly Festival with eco-friendly agricultural image and Montreal Festival, people are waiting summer after 6 month winter. However, they open festival all year, even winter. Before we open festival of Nam Joon Paik, need to understand his philosophy and his masterpiece in Yongin. Nam Joon Paik think music is unilateral harmony with audience. So, he tried from various performance art to video performance. Finally, he became master and pioneer by Television in Video Art. Industry-Academy-Research facilities such as 1,700 companies, 11 universities and over 130 research institutes are positioned in Yongin. Besides EVERLAND, Korean Folk Village, 26 beautiful golf courses is a part of complex culture space. Yongin have good circumstance to mutual cooperate network, so city have enough potential energy, if develop contents. Need to select content, which is must be mutual cooperation network. For example, NJP Art Center harmonize art and his philosophy. 'Communication' is emphasized by artistic activities of Paik's. Also, contemporary topic is 'Communication', possibly think, festival is a part of communication. So, NJP Festival can be bring to develop of Yongin city brand. This study suggest that develop NJP Festival by compare overseas successful precedents. It will become the important data to evaluate the cooperative network, scarcity & justification of Yongin content.Subject : City Brand, Festival, Nam Joon Paik, Yongin 국경의 개념이 도시의 개념으로 이동되면서 도시의 중요성이 대두되었고, 자연스럽게 도시는 마케팅의 대상이 되었다. 도시 마케팅의 주요 수단으로 이용되는 것이 도시를 브랜드화 하는 것이다. 도시 브랜드 관리는 도시가 가진 비즈니스, 관광 또는 삶의 비교우위 조건들을 계획적으로 노출해 지역 내 기업의 수익증대, 일자리 창출, 소득증대, 자긍심 및 결속의 추구라는 결과를 얻게 된다. 현대 사회를 ‘축제의 시대'라고 표현하는 말이 있을 정도로 각양각색의 축제들이 세계 곳곳에서 개최되고 있을 뿐만 아니라 많은 사람들의 생활 속에 축제가 자연스러운 사회현상이 되고 있다. 이러한 축제는 도시의 이미지를 확실하게 각인시켜주는 주요한 수단으로 도시 브랜드화의 주요 전략으로 많이 애용되고 있다. 본 연구의 목적은 축제를 통해 도시브랜드 향상에 성공한 도시의 사례조사를 기반으로 하여 용인시에 차별화된 축제를 개최하고 그 축제가 용인시의 도시브랜드 향상에 기여하도록 하는 것이다. 따라서 용인시에 백남준아트센터가 있다는 사실에 근거하여 백남준아트센터를 거점으로 백남준을 기리는 축제를 개발하고 마케팅하여 용인시의 도시브랜드를 구축하는 방안을 마련하였다. 본 연구에서는 백남준이라는 인물, 백남준아트센터라는 공간, 도시와 아트센터의 연계방안이 없는 상황을 스토리텔링 하여 축제로 발전시켜야 한다는 면에서 도시의 인적 자원, 물적 자원, 환경적 자원을 활용한 축제를 발전시켜 도시브랜드 향상에 성공한 도시를 사례로 선정하였다. 인적 자원을 활용한 축제로는 윤이상을 활용하여 국제음악제를 개최한 통영, 제임스 조이스의 소설 속 주인공의 이름인 '블룸'에서 발생하여 블룸스데이 축제룰 개최한 제임스 조이스가 태어난 도시 더블린을 선정하였다. 물적 자원을 활용한 축제로는 수원성과 그 역사적 사실에 기반 하여 화성문화제를 개최한 수원, '아레나'라는 공간을 활용하여 세계적으로 손꼽을만한 오페라 축제를 발전시킨 베로나를 선정하였다. 환경을 자유자재로 스토리텔링화한 축제로는 전형적 농업지역에서 친환경농업지역 이미지를 형성하면서 그 이미지에 맞는 '나비'를 선정하여 축제로 발전시킨 함평, 6개월 동안이나 추운 겨울을 보내고 돌아오는 여름을 반갑게 맞이하는 기쁨에서 발생하였으나 여름뿐 아니라 추운 겨울을 즐기는 축제까지 1년 내내 다양하고 많은 축제의 도시로 발전한 몬트리올을 선정하였다. 용인시에 백남준을 콘텐츠로 한 축제를 개최하기 위해서는 백남준과 그의 작품세계에 대한 이해와 용인시가 보유한 콘텐츠 현황을 파악하는 것이 선행되어야 한다. 음악을 공부했던 백남준은 청중은 감상만을 해야 하는 음악의 일방향성을 해소하고자 다양한 행위예술을 거쳐 비디오 퍼포먼스에 이르게 된다. 비디오 아트에서 텔레비전이라는 오브제를 통해 관객의 참여를 강조하는 양방향 소통을 추구하면서, 백남준은 미디어를 통한 '소통'을 추구하는 비디오아트의 선구자이며 세계적인 거장이 되었다. 용인시는 1,700여개의 기업체, 11개 대학교, 100여개의 연구소, 30여개의 연수원 등 '산 ․ 학 ․ 연' 시설과 한국민속촌, 에버랜드, 다수의 골프장 등 우리나라의 대표 관광위락시설, 다변화된 콘텐츠를 필요로 하는 복합문화공간들을 보유하고 있다. 용인시의 이러한 자원들은 상호 협력네트워크를 구축하기에 좋은 여건이 되고 있어 그러한 네트워크를 통합할 만한 콘텐츠를 개발한다면 성장 잠재력이 큰 도시이다. 용인시 보유 기반들과 협력네트워크를 구축할 콘텐츠로 축제를 선정하고, 그 축제의 콘텐츠를 꼽자면 예술가 '백남준'과 그의 예술세계를 조망하는 '백남준아트센터'를 들 수 있다. 백남준이 예술활동을 통해 강조하고자 했던 것이 '소통'이었고, 현대사회의 화두 또한 '소통'이며 축제도 결국은 '소통'을 위한 행사라 볼 때, 백남준을 콘텐츠로 한 축제는 용인시 도시브랜드 발전을 위한 가능성을 가지고 있다. 본 연구는 해외 도시들의 브랜드 향상 성공요인을 바탕으로 백남준을 콘텐츠로 한 축제개발을 제안하며, 이는 용인시에 콘텐츠의 희소성과 당위성, 그리고 기반자원들과의 협력네트워크에 대한 중요성을 인식하게 하는 자료가 될 것이다.

      • Antonin Dvorak의 『사랑의 노래, Liebeslieder Op.83』 에 대한 연구

        김남숙 한양대학교 대학원 2008 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        19세기말 체코 민족주의 음악가의 한 사람인 안토닌 드보르작(Antonin Dvorˇa´k, 1841 ~ 1904)은 스메타나(Bed.ick Smetana, 1824 ~ 1884)의 사상을 계승하여, 자기 민족에 대한 애정과 정열을 음악 안에서 표현하고자 한 민족주의 악파의 한 사람이며, 보헤미아 국민음악을 완성한 작곡가이다. 그의 가곡은 절대음악에 기반을 두고 있으며, 낭만주의의 기법으로 표제음악을 구사하고, 정통 유럽 음악을 추구 하면서 보헤미아 민족주의 음악을 그 틀 속으로 끌어들였다.본 논문에서는 보헤미아 지방을 중심으로 하는 시대적 배경과 드보르작의 생애, 음악적 성격과 연주를 함에 있어서 중요시 되는 가사 내용, 곡의 해석 등으로 각 곡의 구성, 전체적인 형식, 그리고 발음법 등을 연구하여 민족주의 음악의 대표적인 작품인 드보르작의 『사랑의 노래 Liebeslieder, op.83 (1888)』를 연주자의 관점에서 살펴보고자 한다. One of the most representative Czech composers, Antonin Dvorˇa´k completed the Bohemian National music in the late late nineteenth century. Inspired by Bedrˇick Smetana, he tried to express the affection and passion about his country in his music. He developed Bohemian music on the basis of the traditional European music of the late Romantic period, using the melodies and rhythms of Bohemian folk music, and the poems written in his mother tongue.In this thesis I explained about the historical background of Bohemian district, Dvorˇa´k's life, and the characteristics of his music. Then, I analyzed Dvorˇa´k's “Liebeslieder”, which is one of the most famous Bohemian National music repertoires, especially from the performer's viewpoint.For the purpose, I thoroughly examined the form, text, and diction of each song. Because it is difficult to play the “whole eight works of Liebeslieder op.83” without theoretical study by analyzing the structure and characteristics of the songs. Also, if the performers have the time to relish poems and study features of nationalism in Bohemian music in the process of studying, Dvorˇa´ks music, they could play much better.

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