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        권호섭 대구가톨릭대학교 대학원 2013 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        As medicine develops and sense of hygiene improves, the life expectancy has been longer and the 'aging society' has come. As we never experienced the aging society, there are concerns about the problem that could be caused by the aging society. The main cause of the concern is related to finance. We tend to see the aging society regards to finance; the decrease of labor population and the increase of cost to support seniors. Seniors are treated as an obstacle in the modern IT society where individual competence and new knowledge are valued. Society devalued seniors as the main cause of various social problems and even describes the aging society as 'a national timing bomb' or 'the shadow of disaster'. As a result, seniors are getting isolated and suffer various difficulty. On the contrary, church regards seniors as the blessed creature of God, symbol of wisdom and people to be respected. So, a church accepts aging as a blessing and a big project. Following this, Daegu Archdiocese carries out various pastoral projects for seniors. However, pastoral projects for seniors are far less paid attention comparing with the pastoral projects for the youth. Daegu Archdiocese should make an effort to develop the pastoral projects for seniors. Such effort would be helpful to make a social trend which accepts old age as a blessing and mission, and play a big role to recover the dignity of the seniors. This thesis gives priority to reconfirm the meaning of the old age and its value following the lesson of the catholic church, and seek the ways to recover the dignity of the senior. In addition, this thesis plans to grasp the state of the aging society and the pastoral projects for seniors by Daegu Archdiocese, and suggest substantial guideline to improve and develop the projects. This is the purpose of this thesis. A similar study had been done at the graduate school in Catholic University in 2009. It is the thesis by Chan Young Choi for his graduate degree; The role of the catholic church to activate the pastoral projects for seniors in the aging society - mainly by Archdiocese of Seoul and Uijeongbu. However, the thesis is about the activity in Seoul and Uijeongbu, and a study about the activity in Daegu Archdiocese needs to be done. Therefore, in chapter I this thesis overviews the aging society and the life of the seniors in general. In chapter II this thesis tries to understand the meaning of the old age and its value through bible, documents kept in the church and the catholic church, and confirm the lesson of the catholic church regards to seniors. In chapter III this thesis analyzes the state of the aging society in Daegu Archdiocese and in the ares under its jurisdiction, and examines the state of the pastoral projects for seniors and problems. Finally in chapter IV this thesis finds the purpose of the pastoral projects for seniors to set a correct direction and the goal of the pastoral projects for seniors following the guideline of the projects. This thesis also suggests the ways to improve and activate the pastoral projects for seniors based on Daegu Archdiocese and its parish church.

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