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        • 자기 압축회로를 이용한 고효율 단펄스 전원모듈 개발

          권순걸,김복권,임근희,Istomin-Y.A 대한전자공학회 1997 電子工學會論文誌, S Vol.s34 No.4

          Recently, high-developed domestic industry and environmental issues demand high-voltage short-pulse power supply(power, voltage, pulse width and repetition rate of 100KW, 150KV, 500ns and 500Hz, respectively) for electron beam process and puolse corona process. In such power supplies magnetic compression circuit can be one of the effectives solutions. In ths study design and operation principle of a pulse-power supply with a three-stage magnetic-compression circuit are described. A good agreement between simulation and experimental results verifies the validity of thescheme. The system delivers energy of 10[J/pulse] at the efficiency of 82%[%].

        • KCI등재

          하이브리드 수중 플라즈마 토치를 이용한 수처리 특성연구

          권순걸,이수호,조만철,Kwon, Soon-Kurl,Lee, Su-Ho,Cho, Man-Chul 한국조명전기설비학회 2006 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.20 No.1

          본 연구는 상용화에 관점에서 수처리용 플라즈마리액터를 제작하여 수처리 특성을 연구한 것으로, 본 연구에 사용된 하이브리드 수중 플라즈마 토치는 기존의 네온트랜스라는 저가의 전원을 사용한다는 측면에서 경제적으로 매우 우수하며 더불어 저전력용으로 제작되어 에너지 효율적 측면에서도 매우 우수하다. 특히 연구에 사용된 하이브리드 수중 플라즈마 토치는 두 종류의 플라즈마영역을 가지고 있어 각각의 영역의 장점을 물에 투입 할 수 있다는 특수한 장점을 가지고 있다. 이러한 하이브리드 수중 플라즈마 토치를 사용한 결과 얻은 다음과 같은 데이터(용존 오존(2.8[ppm]), 과산화수소(100[ppm]), 2[PH])는 살균에 매우 유용할만한 가치 있는 수치로서 실제 대장균 처리에 적용해본 결과 최대 10분 안에 대장균 완전 박멸이라는 매우 우수한 결과를 가질 수 있었다. This research emphasis the commercialize and experiment in the quality of water treatment by making water treatment reactor. The hybrid water plasma torch used this research is excellent in tans of economical efficiency because of using existent neon transformer. Further more, It has excellent energy efficiency because it is manufactured by low electric power. Especially hybrid water plasma torch used this research has two filed of water plasma and inputs each strong point into the water. Following The data such as dissolved ozone(2.8[ppm]), hydrogen peroxide(100[ppm]), 2[PH], are very affordable data and immensely useful in sterilization. Those data have excellent result: perfect eradication of a colon bacillus within maximum 10 minute applying to sterilization processing of a colon bacillus.

        • KCI등재

          새로운 고주파 절전형 소프트 스위칭 PWM DC-DC 컨버터의 토폴로지

          권순걸,서기영,김주용,이수호,Kwon, Soon-Kurl,Suh, Ki-Young,Kim, Ju-Yong,Lee, Su-Ho 한국조명전기설비학회 2006 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.20 No.1

          본 논문은 고주파 절연형 소프트 스위칭 PWM DC-DC 컨버터의 효율을 높일 수 있는 새로운 회로를 제안하였다. 제안한 DC-DC 컨버터는 고주파 변압기의 여자전류를 이용하지 않고 인덕턴스를 이용하였다. 그리고 고주파 절연 변압기 2차측에 동기 정류용 전력용 MOSFET에 새로운 기능을 부가한 온-오프 제어 방식을 이용하여 넓은 부하 범위에 걸쳐 안정된 영전압 스위칭(ZVS)동작을 실현하였다. 그 결과 제안한 DC-DC 컨버터의 실험 장치에 의해서 효율을 97[%]이상 달성하였다. A novel high frequency insulated soft switching PWM DC-DC converter circuit is proposed and then it is achieved the high-efficiency. This converter does not use the o(citing current of a high frequency transformer but use inductance. Then it realizes a widely stable zero voltage switching operation with the use of a novel ON-OFF control method at synchronized rectification power MOSEFETs of the high frequency insulated transformer secondary. Therefore, it is brought over 97[%] measurement efficiency by proposed DC-DC converter.

        • KCI등재

          Development of Induction Heater Hot Water System using New Active Clamping Quasi ResonantZVS PWM Inverter

          권순걸,문상필 한국조명.전기설비학회 2008 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.22 No.11

          This paper presents a new conceptual electromagnetic induction eddy current based stainless steel plate spiral type heater for heat exchanger or dual packs heater in hot water system boiler steamer and super heated steamer, which is more suitable and acceptable for new generation consumer power applications. In addition, an active clamping quasi-resonant PWM high frequency inverter using trench gate IGBTs power module can operate under a principle of zero voltage soft commutation with PWM is developed and demonstrated for a high efficient induction heated hot water system and boiler in the consumer power applications. This consumer induction heater power appliance using active clamping soft switching PWM high frequency inverter is evaluated and discussed on the basis of experimental results.

        • KCI등재후보

          Design and Control of Interleaved Buck Converter in High Power Applications

          권순걸,Bishwajit Saha 한국융합신호처리학회 2007 信號處理·시스템學會 論文誌 Vol.8 No.3

          This paper presents design of interleave configured dc-dc converter for high power distributed power system applications. The multi channel interleaving buck converter with small inductance has proved to be suitable for micro-grid, requiring medium output voltages, high output currents and fast transient response. Integrated magnetic components are used to reduce the size of the converter and improve efficiency. Unlike conventional methods, the distributed approach requires no centralized control, automatically accommodates varying numbers of converter cells, and is highly tolerant of subsystem failures. A general methodology for achieving distributed interleaving is proposed, along with a specific implementation approach. The design and simulation verification of switching frequency 10 kHz system is presented with interleaved clocking of the converter cells. The simulation (simulated by PSIM 6.1) results corroborate the analytical predictions and demonstrate the tremendous benefits of the distributed interleaving approach.

        • KCI등재

          The Next Generation Apartment Model Far Infrared Rays Radiant Heater using Quasi-Resonant Soft Switching PWM Inverter

          권순걸,문상필 한국조명.전기설비학회 2008 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.22 No.11

          This paper presents an innovative prototype of a new conceptual electromagnetic induction heated type far infrared rays radiant heating appliance using the voltage-fed quasi-resonant ZVS-PWM high frequency inverter using IGBTs for food cooking and processing which operates under a constant frequency variable power regulation scheme. This power electronic appliance with soft switching high frequency inverter using IGBTs has attracted special interest from some advantageous view points of safety, cleanliness, compactness and rapid temperature response, which is more suitable for consumer power electronics applications.

        • DC-DC 컨버터의 출력 전류 리플 저감 필터 적용에 관한 연구

          권순걸 慶南大學校 附設 工業技術硏究所 1997 硏究論文集 Vol.14 No.2

          DC-DC 컨버터의 크기와 소음을 줄이기 위하여 고주파 스위칭 기술이 적용되는데, 고주파로 스위칭 할수록 출력 DC의 리플은 더욱 고주파화 된다. 본 논문은 출력의 리플을 근사적으로 제로까지 실현이 가능한 필터를 적용하기 위한 이론적인 해석과 입력 전압 DC 100[V], 출력 30[V] /30[A]의 장치를 대상으로 컴퓨터 시뮬레이션을 통한 동작특성을 확인하고 스위칭 주파수 20[㎑]의 DC-DC컨버터 장치를 제작하여 실험했다. 실험 결과 기존의 LC필터를 적용한 경우 리플의 크기는 1[A]이고, 이때 필터용 출력 인덕터는 200[uF]이고, 콘덴서는 100[uF]이다. 리플 억제 필터를 적용하고 외부에 인덕터를 추가했을 때 리플의 크기는 0.2[A]로서 기존의 LC 필터를 적용했을 때와 비교 분석하였다. It was applied for high frequency switching technique to reduce magnitude and noise of DC-DC converter. The more higher switching method make the more higher output DC ripple. This paper aimed to approach zero ripple filter. The target experimental apparatus is DC input 100[A], output 300[V]/30[A], switching frequency 20[㎑]. First, theory was analysised and main circuit was simulated and experiment was done. As results, ripple magnitude was 1[A] in con-ventional LC filter, but 0.2[A] in proposed filter.

        • Thristor Bridge 方式에 의한 U.D.F形 싸이크로콘버어터의 構成에 관한 硏究

          權純杰 慶南大學校 附設 工業技術硏究所 1985 硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

          싸이크로 콘버어터는 주어진 交流入力에서 필요로 하는 出力波形 및 電壓으로 變換하는 장치이다. 本 論文은 두개의 P-type 싸이크로 콘버어터에 의해 동작되는 U.D.F.F.C(Unity Displacement Factor Frequency Changer)를 試作하여 그 特性을 調査하였다. The cycloconverter power conversion process requires the construction of output voltage wave-forms, with required frequency and amplitude from given a·c supply voltage. This paper is aimed to investigate a modulation scheme of unity displacement factor cycloconverter operated by two P-type cycloconverter. The construction, study and experimental evalution of cycloconverter is described.

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          Optimal Design of a DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Generation

          권순걸 한국조명.전기설비학회 2011 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.25 No.3

          This paper presents novel circuit topology of half-bridge soft-switching PWM inverter type DC-DC high power converter for DC bus feeding power plants. The proposed DC-DC power converter is composed of a typical voltage source-fed, half-bridge high frequency PWM inverter with a high frequency planar transformer link PWM control scheme and parallel capacitive lossless snubbers. The operating principle of the new DC-DC converter treated here is described by using switching mode-equivalent circuits, together with its unique features. All the active power switches in the half-bridge arms and input DC bus lines can achieve ZCS turn-on and ZVS turn-off commutation transitions. The total turn-off switching losses of the power switches can be significantly reduced. As a result, high switching frequency IGBTs can actually be selected in the frequency range of 40[kHz] under the principle of soft-switching. The performance evaluations of the experimental setup are illustrated practically.

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