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      • 대학원 입학 전 학문 목적 한국어 교육과정 설계 연구

        국존위 韓國外國語大學校 大學院 2018 국내석사

        RANK : 248639

        Recently, a growing number of foreign learners are entering not only universities but also graduate schools in Korea. Although these foreign learners have studied Korean to some extent at most college-affiliated Korean language institutes, they still find it difficult to solve Korean language, and are still struggling with graduate work due to lack of Korean language skills. The reason that Korean language learners are having trouble performing their major classes in graduate schools is not only because they lack Korean language skills but also because they can not use proper learning skills to perform their tasks. This is because the context of the general purpose of Korean language education and Korean language education for academic purposes can not be different and the general purpose Korean language can not meet the needs of Korean language for academic purposes, especially graduate mathematics for special academic purposes. Thus, in order to solve these difficulties, they were able to learn the math skills needed to perform their studies at graduate schools and the Korean ability to enroll in Korean again before entering graduate schools. Therefore, the purpose of a graduate school course is to provide a Korean language for students who wish to attend a graduate school, and to be able to adjust their education to other schools. In this study, the nationality of the target for analysis of education courses is limited to Asian countries, and the scope of each phase was suggested because the curriculum was not subdivided into topics. However, this study presents education courses for pre-graduate school studies for foreign students. We hope this study will serve as a stepping stone for future studies in this arena.

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