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        李立(Li Li),?月(Gu Yue),李炫周(Li Xuan-zhou) 한국중어중문학회 2009 中語中文學 Vol.45 No.-

        In the present study of anthology, even few scholars have been studying the myth involved in Wen Xuan and its annotated version. The results of the studies are still rare, There are over 140 workers poetries with mythological images in over 700 works which included in Wen Xuan, it was 20% of the total. And the above-mentioned 140 poetries, most of which are annotated by Li Shan, richly embellished with quotations and allusions to classical mythology in poems. The Cbu Ci that has been most frequently quoted it, secondarily Shan Hai Jing, thirdly Huai Nan Zi. Zhuang Zi has come in the fourth. A "Book of Myth" in Wen Xuan, which annotated by Li Shan, mentioned case of myth, and The Chu Ci, Shan Hai Jing and Huai Nan Zi from which over 10 types of myth were quoted, just Shan Hai Jing instead of The Chu Ci had held the first position. Of the 48 kinds of myths in the Wen Xuan by Li Shan annotated, "natural myth was the most, followed by the social myth", then "goddess myth", "creation myth" at least, with only three kinds. Most work s of Wen Xuan were recorded in Two Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, most poems with mythological images were also recorded in the same period. According to the above analysis. Two Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, was not only an important period that Chinese ancient myth was developed evolved, but also an important period that mythology and ancient literature linked by a close relationship.

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