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      • FC 1-4 : A survey of attitudes, knowledge, and behavior regarding sun exposure and sunscreen use

        ( Sih Yeok Jang ),( Hyeong Ho Ryu ),( Eun Jung Hwang ),( Hyun Sun Park ),( So Yun Cho ),( Hyun Sun Yoon ) 대한피부과학회 2013 대한피부과학회 학술발표대회집 Vol.65 No.2

        Background: Although sunscreen is used as a primary strategy to prevent sunburn, photoaging and skin cancer, only a few people regularly use sunscreen. Objectives: To investigate the awareness of effects of sunlight, the extent of sun exposure, and the behaviors about sunscreen uses in Korean. Methods: A questionnaire was administered 255 adult patients visited Dermatology Department at Seoul National University Boramae Hospital. It included questions about the awareness of benefit or harm of sunlight, perceived and actual extent of sun exposure, the use of sun-protective methods including sunscreen. Results: Sun exposure was chosen as the major cause of dyschromia (61.2%), skin cancer (62.8%) and wrinkle (28.6%). Respondents were likely to underestimate the extent of sun exposure. On average, quite a few respondents stated that they were exposed to sunlight more than one hour per day (23.1% on weekdays, 53.4% on weekends). But, only 8.7% thought that their sun exposures were problematic and 62.2% of respondents considered moderate sunlight exposure good for health. People`s sun protective behaviors were inadequate: only 30.8% used sunscreen regularly; 18.4% have never used sunscreen. SPF was the most important factor choosing sunscreen and 86.0% used sunscreen labeled SPF over 30. In contrast, only 40.3% used PA+++ sunscreen. Conclusion: Despite a fairly good knowledge about harmful effects of sunlight, people underestimated the risks of their sun exposure and behaviors were suboptimal.

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