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      • Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics (HKPSSD): Research Designs and Data Overview<sup>+</sup>

        ( Xiaogang Wu ),( Clear Water Bay ),( Hong Kong Sar ) 한국보건사회연구원 2015 한국복지패널 학술대회 논문집 Vol.8 No.-

        The Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics (HKPSSD)aims to establisha city-wide representative household panel survey to track socioeconomic changes and its impact on people`s livelihood in Hong Kong. The content covers housing, economic activity and consumption at household levels and education, marriage, fertility, employment, health, daily social activities, mental health and social attitude at individual levels. Three waves of data have been completed in 2011, 2013 and 2015, respectively. 3,214 households, 7,218 adults and 958 children have been interviewed in the benchmark survey (Wave 1), among which 2,165 households, 4,270 adults and 623 children are re-interviewed in the second wave. In addition, a refreshment sample of 1,007 households (including 1,960 adults and 145 children) with new themes was added in 2014, which together with those remaining in Wave 2, are followed in Wave 3 in 2015. This essay introduces the background, research designs, and content coverage of three waves of HKPSSD, and presents some descriptive statistics of relevant variable in the data. HKPSSDis expected to serve an important database for social science research and policy study in Hong Kong, and for comparative analyses of Chinese societies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

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